Sky Cancer?

So the en vogue term  for Artillery is now “sky cancer”.  What fool came up with this term?  

Death by artillery is sudden, swift, painless.  One second you are alive; the next, you are dead.  Simple. Quick. Easy.  The result of a deliberate act.  

On the other hand, death by cancer is slow, tortuous, extremely painful.   Your fate lingers before you, teasing you, tormenting you, forcing you to watch yourself, feel yourself, slowly be consumed by the insatiable hunger of Death.   With the exception of smokers, its appearance seems totally random.

How in anyone’s mind do the 2 compare?

Wannabes hate Arty and give it all kinds of names, but “sky cancer” rings hollow.  If you don’t like Arty, “sky poop” seems more apropos.   It comes from the air, stinks, and leaves you in a crappy mood.

But “sky cancer”?  That is an insult to cancer sufferers everywhere.

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A Disturbing Trend

First there was Ruinberg on Fire and Winter Himmelsdorf.  Now we get Fiery Salient, a.k.a Prokhorovka with planes, burning craters, and sound effects.   These are billed as “new maps”.  They aren’t.  It’s the same as if Wargaming changed the color of the skin on a Panther, made minor tweaks to a few stats, and called it a “new tank”.  It isn’t.

Wargaming needs to give us NEW new maps, not newly repackaged and relabeled OLD maps.

I recently tracked 1,059 consecutive battles for map and spawn points.  This is what I got:



As shown above, Himmelsdorf and Ruinberg are seen way more often than most other Standard maps because they have twins.  Prokhorovka will soon join the list of over-exposed maps.  Kharkov is the exception.  With no twin it manages to come up a lot, as well.  Repackaging maps and giving them different looks is fine as long as their rate of occurrence is adjusted downwards to compensate.  But call them what they are – redone maps and continue to give us NEW new maps, too.

Even more pressing – the need for more Assault maps.  We STILL only have 4 Assault maps!  Come on Wargaming – give us some more Assault maps!




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Happy Birthday Wargaming!

Today is Wargaming’s birthday.  Everyone should take a few minutes to send them a birthday wish on the forums.  While no company can ever please millions and millions of customers 100% of the time, especially so with customers with such a whiny tradition as gamers, Wargaming HAS done a great job with growing their game and overall product.

I sincerely wish you continued success in future years!

Just one request..   PLEASE let me be the one who gets to give SerB your  birthday spanking!

Happy Birthday Wargaming! o7



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Vacation, Holiday, (insert your native language’s term for it here)

My family and I are about to embark on a 17 day tour of the Eastern US of A.  I will post all the pending scores for the Hall of Fame before we leave tomorrow but YouTubes will not update for awhile after tonight.  When we go on vacation, it is strictly family time – no gaming  involved.

Keep submitting Hall of Fame entries but I will not post any scores after tonight until we get back.


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Bots in World of Tank Destroyers

Hey Wargaming – it’s long past time you ‘fess up and admit there is a HUGE problem with bots in World of Tank Destroyers.  It is hard to go more than a few games in a row without being handicapped by bots on your team.  Bots are a constant player complaint and your flippant responses to the player base shows a complete lack of customer service skills on your part.  Addressing players’ complaints about bots by saying:

“People believe in a lot of things. You are free to continue to believe what you wish.”

demonstrates nothing but an unwillingness to admit you have a problem – a problem that repeatedly detracts from the WOTD experience for many players. I suggest you log in and play some soccer games on the NA server – you will quickly find out how prolific bots have become.  It becomes real apparent when its 3 on 3 and bots stick out like a sore thumb.

You guys are avaricious so it boggles the mind why you do not act more aggressively to weed out bots.  They cause players to quit playing. They drive players to other games.  They cost you money.

Ignore problems with a game and eventually, it will kill the game.   Bots ARE a problem.  Step up to the plate and admit it, Wargaming – then fix it.






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World’s Best Hockey Game!

If you play it on a soccer field and use a soccer ball and goal, it must be soccer, right?  WRONG!

9.1 gives us a fun, little gem of a game called the Himmelsdorf Championship, which Wargaming meant to be a nod to FIFA and the World Cup.  Instead, the result is more an homage to Lord Stanley.  I guess that isn’t exactly surprising when you ask Russian developers to create a game where the object is to put something into a net.  This is a hockey game folks!

You got cross checks, boarding, and bounce passes of the wall.  There is more contact in 1 minute than in all of the World Cup combined – and no one will be faking an injury to try for a yellow card. Don’t expect Pele and The Beautiful Game or the outstanding passing and ball handling of Lionel Messi or Cristianio Ronaldo.  Look more for the hulking presence of Phil Esposito outside the crease and Cam Janssen delivering a crushing fore check.

It is an extremely fun and addicting game and if you haven’t tried it out, do yourself a favor and do it.

(By the way – to all you pool players out there: this game is for you.  Play it like hockey and use angles and English like pool and you’re golden.)




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Warning to VK 28.01 Cougar Drivers

9.1 brings some nice buffs to the VK 28.01 Cougar.  But beware:  it also brings an increased danger.  Those of you who have gotten used to creeping along at 60 km/h are already finding out the hard way – bumpy terrain you can safely traverse at 60 km/h can track you at 68 km/h. I am sure most drivers will adjust fairly quickly but keep it in mind as you happily zip around at almost Scout-like speed (yes, I wanted my old 72 km/h back!).

Overall, 9.1 seems a good patch.  A new map, is always good even if it isn’t all that Scout friendly.  MT-25s and VK28.01s get buffs; again, always good when Scouts get love.  Hopefully the buffs spread to many other scouts in the next few updates. The rumored removal of Sand River Assault mode did not occur; another good thing as it is one of the most Scout-friendly map modes in the game.

I’ve driven a few battles in my MT-25 and its buffs seem a bit meh to me.  It has become a bit more agile, but it certainly has not been turned back into the T-50-2.  Let me take time to thank all you people on the NA server who are driving the MT-25 as if it is a T-50-2; you are helping my Free XP and Credit accounts climb steadily.

As far as the 28.01 goes, those 8 additional km/h top end help a lot when crossing open areas and trying to beat a turret rotation on the way.  It lets you be a bit more aggressive offensively and react faster defensively; both extremely good things.  Mobility-wise, the reduced terrain resistance is nice but not game changing in any way.  Still, the current rendition of the VK 28.01 is the most agile the tank has ever been so enjoy it while it lasts.

Just remember, the extra speed and the bit of extra mobility mean more tracking issues if you are an aggressive driver.  Even without tracking yourself, you will now drift in some places you never drifted before.  That isn’t always a bad thing but it can prove devastating if unexpected.

Tier+3?   GAG!  I really wanted to keep Tier+4.  Lower tiers mean lower amounts of XP and credits available – and fewer Orliks up for grabs on the table.   I think Tier+3 should be reserved for Tier IV Scouts.  Taking new drivers from the Tier+2 match-ups in the low levels and smashing their heads against the learning curve wall of Tier+4 in the Tier IV Scouts was too brutal even for a war game.   So make Tier IV  MM Tier+3 then step them up to the big boys and Tier+4 for Tier 5 and above.

Overall?  Good job Wargaming!  I can’t wait for the new physics models to come out – and – keep those Scout buffs coming!




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