The Time for Eras is Now

Many people complain about mission creep in World of Tanks; especially that of high tier Mediums taking the place of Scouts.  They have a valid point.  As Wargaming adds more and more modern tanks into the game, such mission creep is inevitable.  Most Armies stopped fielding Light Tanks (which were used to support non-tank recon forces) as they transitioned recon from an external function to a function internal to armored units, so Light Tanks don’t appear on more modern battlefields.  They are obsolete.

The solution is simple:   introduce Eras to World of Tanks.

Eras would limit the time period tanks could play in.  Thus, tanks would be fighting tanks from similar time periods – not tanks 2-3 generations more advanced.  It would work something like this:

WWII Era:  All the pre-war, WWII, and Korean tanks would compete in this era.

Mid Era:  Post Korean to first Gulf War tanks would fight here.

Modern Era:   2000 AD+ tanks would fight here.

(These Eras aren’t set in stone, just examples of how the system would work.)

Some tanks would cross eras – or their newer variants would.  For example, early versions of the M1 Abrams would go in the Mid Era and later versions would fight in the Modern.

Not only would Eras mitigate many balance issues, but they would allow Wargaming to introduce many more countries and tank lines into the game, keeping it fresh many more years.

Eras – an idea whose time has come!


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