Bushwhacked is a blog maintained by the PROScout website which focuses on World of Tanks Scout related topics.  Nerfs, buffs, maps, trends in game play; whatever is happening in the World of Tanks which affects Scouts is fair game.  Be careful what you do and where you go – you never know where a Scout is hiding and you will get BUSHWHACKED!

Along with commentary on news impacting Scouts, expect to see interviews with top Scouts across the servers as PROScout talks to them 1 on 1 and publishes the interviews 100% raw and unedited.


10 responses to “About

  1. Nelayo

    How will the scout players choosen who get interviewed?
    or is everyone allowed to give tips?

  2. Steven Baker

    Hello. Fine guide, just getting into the game. I have many questions, can I ask them here?

  3. Rudi Sonnekus (Cpt_Squirrel EU)

    Hi Tazilon

    I’m a tomato wanting to become a unicorn (with a lot of potato instances inbetween).

    I’ve written a small app that can open map content based on battle records on the fly (detects what map you’re playing right now, and shows the content).

    I’d like to ask your permission to use the content in your map packs (with credit given in the app very clearly) in this tool. The idea is that the tool will be freely distributed to all communities.

    No money will be made from the tool, not even ad revenue.

    Would you be ok with this?

    Cpt_Squirrel (EU)

  4. Mausle (NA)

    Hello Taz,
    Just an FYI regarding your Hall of Fame for the Pz38na, the fifth video for PuchaczTrado is not showing up….
    Also, I recall your PC crashed sometime last year and you were down for a while. Would you mind sharing some of the specs on what you’re running with now?

  5. Raet

    What happened to http://www.tazilon.net?? Will it be up again?

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