The LIGHTHOUSE is a website dedicated to Scout tanks in World of Tanks.  It presents tips and techniques for Scouting in general and takes in depth looks at various specific scout tanks. 



4 responses to “The LIGHTHOUSE

  1. Where do we leave comments about the PROScout site if we notice any redundant or out-of-date info?

  2. and put “PROScout” as the siubject.

  3. LazySuzy

    Thanks for your comprehensive site about scouting.

    As a new WoT player focusing on scouts, I have found it to be a difficult experience. It has helped improve my gameplay.

    But I really feel what you say about WG nerfing scouts, the FOTM TDs, dumbass heavies, etc…

    Keep it up!

  4. Marty

    Love the website! I am new to WoT and seem to be falling in love with scouting. I didn’t know anything about the Cougar until I came here, but now I cant wait to get one. Thanks heaps!

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